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The cake smash photoshoot — also known as ’smash the cake’ session — is a fun-filled and exciting way to celebrate an early years birthday. It’s as simple as it sounds: the little one enjoys some messy play while I capture their adorable cuteness in the perfect photos!

You need to provide cake because some kids have food allergies and parents know that best.

Custom set design includes a backdrop from my current collection, decorations and props. However, as children can have allergies, I kindly request that parents bring the cake.

If you’re not a fan of cake, though, we can use other foods instead! Donuts, ice cream, pizza or fruit… whatever particular food you child likes to eat, the enjoyment they feel in the moment can make for very cute images.

Cake smash photoshoots are usually done 4-6 weeks prior to your child’s first birthday. This allows plenty of time to order portraits to display at their party and personalised ’thank you’ notes to send out afterwards.

I would be more than happy to chat to you about these sessions. As studio sessions are limited and I do book up quickly, it is essential to book and confirm your session well in advance.


Cake smash or Splash £250
– One hour session
– 8 digital images
– Siblings and parents included
– Booking fee: £35

Cake smash and Splash £350
– One and half hour session
– 15 digital images
– Siblings and parents included
– Booking fee :£35


You need to provide cake because some kids have food allergies and parents know that best.

When should I schedule a cake smash session?

At least 3-4 weeks before your child’s 1st birthday. This gives us time to discuss a theme and/or colours for your child’s session.

What should my child wear?

Anything you would like. Some clients like to match the theme or colours of your session. For girls- tutu’s with a onesie or rompers look really cute. For boys- solid T-shirts and jeans or button down with a tie and jeans look great. You can add in hats or headbands. 

What does the Cake Smash Packages include?

There are two different packages for cake smash/splash which you can find more details in pricing section.

May I incorporate special props (favourite blankets, toys, meaningful items)?

Of course. This will make your session unique to you and your family.  We’ll discuss props after you booked your session. 

Will I (parents) get messy?

You most likely will. You will have to show your child that they can eat the cake so you might have to take a bite yourself. Yum!  Also, your child may stand up and walk or crawl around, so you will have to keep putting your child back into the designated space.  

May I invite my family members to the session?

I like to keep the maximum family members at this session to the immediate family members only. Too many people trying to get your child to smile or talking, will distract your child.  

Can I take pictures with my child?

Of course.  We can start with family and sibling pictures. Then get into the messy fun.  

What’s is Cake Smash & Splash?

This is a variation on the cake smash package: with this option, after the cake smash we put your little one in a milk bath, to which we can add flowers or fruit. We can discuss your preferences when you book the session. 

How will we clean up?

You will need to bring a towel for your child and clean clothes to change.  I recommend changing your child right at the cake smash site. Have wipes and a change of clothes ready to to go.  

2-3 weeks After each session we will send you a link to select the photos. you will have 24hrs to select and finalise your selection and then we will start editing your photos. We will not accept changing request due any reason after we start editing your images.

you can always add more images to your Album within a week we deliver your edited images.

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