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Posing and photographing newborn babies is one my passions and I’ve got the unique skills it takes to capture your baby’s individuality in beautiful images that your family will always cherish.

My fully equipped photography studio is the ideal venue of this type of personal photography – warm and comfortable, with free parking. Home sessions are also available.


Basic package: £295
– Session length: 1-2 hours
– 5 digital images
– Booking fee: £55 included

Standard package: £385
– Session length: 2-3 hours
– 10 digital images
– Booking fee: £55.00 included

Premium package: £595
– Session length: 3-4 hours
– 20 digital images
– Booking fee: £100 included

All packages include:
– Access to all our beautiful maternity outfits
– Printing release
– Family/siblings
– Additional images: £25 each


When is the best time to schedule my newborn portrait session?

The best time to schedule your newborn session is before your little one is born so you can rest assured that your newborn photo shoot will occur within 2 weeks of birth. My weekly calendar fills up quickly and I only take on a limited number of newborns each month. Let’s make sure that we have your session on the calendar before the birth so that you don’t have to think about it once the baby is born. My studio is open on Saturdays and Sundays too with no extra charge for weekend bookings. 

How do I book without knowing my session date? 

I book you two weeks after your due date so you will be on my calendar for that month. Once your baby is born and you are ready to go home, all you have to do is send me an email and from there we’ll schedule a definitive session date and time within the first 10-14 days of your baby’s arrival. Once you book your newborn photo shoot session I will need to have a chat with you on the phone to discuss what you need to know, including scheduling once the baby is here, what you can expect from your session, and how to prep yourself and your baby.

How soon should I have my newborn session after giving birth?

I recommend that you do your newborn photoshoot when your baby is less than 14 days. Newborns tend to stay sound asleep a few days after birth and because of this we are able to gently move them into different poses. After a couple of weeks this is not as easy to do. After the 14-day mark, babies begin to stretch and the poses won’t be as easy to accomplish. 

Can I include siblings and family in my newborn photoshoot?

Absolutely! Photographing your little one surrounded by family is an wonderful experience for everyone involved. There is no extra charge for including siblings and parents in your newborn photoshoot. 

How much do newborn sessions cost?

I have three different newborn photoshoot packages. Please check my pricing for more details.

How long will my newborn photography session take?

Your session will take 2-4 hours, depending on the type of session you book, pausing to allow for feeding and changing, etc. The atmosphere is very relaxed and comfortable and the pace of our session will be determined by the baby. 

My baby is already born, am I too late to schedule a newborn session?

If I have an opening in my calendar I am happy to accommodate. Most often, however, I am booked out months in advance.

How soon will I receive my images?

You will receive your images 10 days from your session date and be able to view them in an online gallery set up just for you!

Where do the studio sessions take place?

Your session will take place in my studio in Hampton Hill High Street, next to Bushy Park. You only need to bring yourself and your little bundle of joy – rest assured that the studio is fully stocked with all the necessary props, toiletries, and snacks to keep you comfortable throughout your session.

What happens after my session?

After your session we’ll discuss when you can expect your photographs to be available for viewing in your online gallery.

2-3 weeks After each session we will send you a link to select the photos. you will have 24hrs to select and finalise your selection and then we will start editing your photos. We will not accept changing request due any reason after we start editing your images.

you can always add more images to your Album within a week we deliver your edited images.

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